The anthropogenic ferromagnetic minerals and heavy metals (HM) content is considered in atmospheric particulate matter emissions (dusts) of Zaporizhzhya industrial complex and in city topsoil. The work cycle of Zaporizhzhya industries involves the processes of iron ore agglomeration, the production of cast iron and steel smelting in open-hearth and electric steelmaking furnaces. Measurements of χ, χ(%), SIRM, MS, HC, HCR, content of Cd, Pb, Cu, Zn, Mn, Ni were performed on 4 dusts and 60 soil samples, series of selected samples undergo thermal experiments of χ behavior in low and high temperatures. The processes of iron ore agglomeration cause emission of dusts containing MD stoichiometric magnetite. Emission of high-temperature technological processes as production of cast iron and steel smelting cause emission of dusts containing PSD titanomaghemite and titanomagnetite. PMs containing industry-derived magnetic minerals are spread by air flow and cause magnetic and HM enhancement in soils.


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