Sandstone reservoirs deposited in wave-dominated shallow-marine environments contain significant intervals of thinly bedded facies characterised by the presence of interbedded sandstone and shales. The thinly bedded sandstone facies contain gutter casts, which are sand-filled erosional scours formed by storm and wave generated flows. These erosional scours (gutter casts) may increase connectivity between sandstone beds that are otherwise isolated by shales, thus creating effective vertical permeability. The 3D geometry, orientation and spatial distribution of gutter casts in relation to sandstone connectivity are uncertain. The study focuses on these aspects of gutter cast architecture and their impact on reservoir connectivity using a 3D high resolution digital outcrop model (DOM) constructed from an excellently exposed outcrop unit of the "G2" parasequence, Grassy Member, Blackhawk Formation, Book Cliffs, Utah USA.


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