The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was not only devastating for human life and their properties but also destroying many cultural monuments in Aceh Province, Indonesia. The presence of traces of the ancient buildings along the coast of Aceh from the past has been the pride of the Acehnese today. However the giant 2004 tsunami has destroyed some historical buildings along the coastal area, for example the 13th century fort of Kuta Lubok. We have applied VLF-EM and EM induction measurements in Kuta Lubok area along 22 profiles. In order to resolve a better image of the subsurface manmade structures, distances between each profile and station were performed as close as possible, i.e. 20 meters and 5 meters. Tilt and ellipse data were measured by VLF-EM, while relative conductivities and susceptibilities data were acquired in the EM induction. We have applied Fraser filtering for VLF-EM data. In the electromagnetic induction, we have performed high pass filter in order to remove regional effect from the data. The expected buried walls were imaged clearly as shown by fraser filtered in VLF-EM data. For the EM induction, the buried wall can be tracked by relative low electrical conductivity values (i.e. -25.6 to 0.75 mS/m).


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