EM prospection are methods of choice for many applications such as deep water or geothermal prospection because of their sensitivity to electrical resistivity and their potential to investigate at depths of 500m or even more. However, the investigated areas in Europe are usually urbanised and industrialised so high level of cultural noise prevents from the use of MT. Land CSEM is an alternative. But cost and logistical constrains limits to the use of a small number of transmiter positions. The inversion of CSEM data in the near field using a single transmiter position suffers from critical sensitivity singularities due to the unsymmetric illumination. To overcome this problem we proposed an inversion framework adapted to this ill-conditioned inversion problem. The framework relies specificaly on a robust Gauss-Newton solver, on model parameter transformations and data reformulation under the form of pseudo-MT tensors. We describe here the modeling and inversion approach implemented in our code POLYEM3D and describe the framework proposed for its practical application. We illustrate its application on synthetic cases and then show the application of the process to a real CSEM dataset acquired for thermal water prospection at a few kilometer from a nuclear power plant in France.


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