A high-resolution reflection seismic survey, using conventional cabled- and wireless-recorders, was carried out in the Blötberget mining area of Bergslagen in central Sweden, to provide information about the depth and lateral extend of a known iron-oxide mineralization. The mineralized bodies dip towards the southeast in a moderate angle however their depth and lateral extents are not well defined. Following a successful pilot experiment using a seismic landstreamer that confirmed the delineation of the mineralization using seismic methods, two seismic profiles, crossing each other almost perpendicularly were acquired. Preliminary results show several strong sets of reflections and possibly extending deeper than the known depth of 850 m, further to the southeast. Downhole physical properties from several boreholes in the vicinity of the seismic profile support the use of reflection seismic method, as it can be an efficient and important tool for mineral exploration, due to both good penetration depth and high-resolution images.


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