Various national studies (e.g. GeoEnergie 2050) predict a realistic application capacity of deep geothermal energy in Austria between 450 MW and 700 MW. The Vienna region possesses 40% to 60% of these capacity values. At the same time, the metropolitan area of Vienna has one of the largest district heating systems in Europe. This is why the use of hydrothermal geothermal energy plays a key role in the supply strategy of the Vienna metropolitan area (see Climate Protection Program of the City of Vienna and Vienna Urban Development Plan (STEP 2025)).

However, the future use of this heat source depends on efficient exploration and implementation concepts that do not yet exist. A new scientific project will overcome these conceptual gaps. Based on research results in the wider Vienna area, a “Flagship Region for geothermal energy exploration” will be developed for other Austrian regions. Three-dimensional subsurface properties will be characterized using geophysical methods. Together with geological and reservoir data, these will be pooled and visualized within a 3D data cube. These data will be evaluated in terms of geological parameters, existing resources and possible technical, economic and geological risks.


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