Mesozoic deposits in the Middle Caspian Sea have interested petroleum companies during long time with rich hydrocarbon potential, but they remain insufficiently studied for deep understanding of geological structure exist deposits and perspective objects.

The Upper Jurassic carbonate reservoirs, whose productivity is mainly associated with the secondary porosity, is an intricate object of study at one of the Karpinsko-Mangyshlak deposits. The complexity of the formation condition reconstruction of carbonate reservoirs is due to the large number of geological factors affecting the formation of the original void space, from which formation of the secondary porosity in future depends.

Sedimentation analysis of the Upper Jurassic carbonate reservoirs distribution in offshore of the Middle Caspian petroleum basin represented their confinement to the shallow inner ramp facies (lagoon and sandbanks) and the mid ramp facies.

In such in manner, with the knowledge of the geological structure of the area, using a technique of separate core data by lithotypes, well loging and FMI data, by combining them with using a map of attributes extracted from the acoustic impedance cube, a facial map can be constructed to better orientate the geological development of the area and the predict of productive zones.


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