For oil companies operating in relatively small license areas, it is quite difficult to take advantage of all the scientific methods for solving their problems in terms of scientific, organizational, financial positions. In this paper, the authors share the experience of integrating structural geomorphological studies and gas surveying that led to the discovery of an oil field in the northwestern part of the Caspian depression

The results of the work allowed us to formulate a new principle for interpretation of gas-geochemical testing of local objects in the forecast of oil and gas potential: areas that are characterized by a minimal hydrocarbon geochemical background and minimal tectonic tension are promising in the oil and gas respect. Special gas-geochemical (during August-December) studies at the open field showed that hydrogen does not exist in its subsoil gas.

Obviously, we need to make some clarification - the noted regularity is characteristic for territories with a direct character of the relief. In this case, the correlation of the structural plan of the deposits of the Bobrikovsky age in which the hydrocarbon depositsare detected and the relief is confirmed by high values of the correlation coefficient (0.7).


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