The oil and gas reservoirs in LH oilfield in eastern China are deep and thin, and the resolution of 3D seismic data is poor. This paper introduces the dual Walkaway VSP technologies and apply them in the LH oilfield to conduct fine structural evaluation and reservoir characterization including identification of minor faults and low-relief structures, prediction of oil-bearing sand body distribution, and solving reservoir development problems of the study area.

In the study, the high quality Walkaway VSP data is firstly obtained by three component digital geophone array in two wells. And then study the imaging technology to optimize the common imaging point gathers to obtain the high resolution VSP profile. Finally, fine structure interpretation and impedance inversion were conducted to predict oil and gas between the two wells. We demonstrate through the consistency of well data and prediction result that dual Walkaway VSP technology could be very helpful in oil and gas development.


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