To better understand the deep structure of the Eastern Pontides orogenic belt (NE Turkey), we have just analyzed the teleseismic-records of the KTUT station as an initial study. For this purpose, P and S Receiver Functions are calculated, and then inverted jointly together with teleseismic P and S traveltime residuals. The inversion is performed using a simulated annealing technique. No high-quality signal is observed at the KTUT station for the Ps converted phase from P410s and P660s km discontinuity. An early arrival is observed at this station for P410s which is ∼0.5 s than the IASP91 global model. The crust has a thickness of about 34 km, and the high-S-velocity mantle lid is beneath the crust at a depth of about 65 km. The velocities of Vs and Vp in the crust are close to Vs= ∼3.61 km/s and Vp= ∼6.37 km/s, respectively. The S wave velocity decreases to ∼4.22 km/s at the low-S-velocity zone beneath the crust, and it reaches to ∼4.65 km/s at upper mantle. Consequently, the crust and upper mantle thicknesses derived from the receiver functions analyses are in good agreement with results from other studies.


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