Hydraulically induced micro seismic fractures can be used to increase reservoir permeability, which is an important process in the shale gas exploration & development. Micro seismic monitor can be used to estimate induced fracture’s orientation and fracture’s size, guiding completion design. However, micro seismic events are affected by many factors. How to understand micro seismic events characteristic is very important for the reservoir construction. In this paper, we try to understand,(1) why are the micro seismic events different for the adjacent well.(2) Why there are a lot of big energy events above the target layer?(3) For the micro seismic events, the more, the better? We introduced the 3D seismic attributes to evaluate micro seismic events and summarized a set of methods to solve some engineering problems.


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  1. RickRickman, MikeMullen, ErikPetre et al.
    A practical use of shale petro physics for stimulation design optimization: all shale plays are not clones of the Barnett shale, SPE, 115258, 2008.
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