We studied the morphological changes of a deformed shallow-water carbonate -that has been dolomitized at an early diagenetic stage in a Neogene fault zone. Orthorhombic rock lithons characterise the structural fabric of the fault zone. Lithons are generated from the intersection of fracture sets. Fractures intersect at approximately 90 +/− 20o and dip from steeply inclined to vertical with dominant strike directions W-SW. The thickness and the spacing of the lithons vary between 1 and 35cm and 0.5–5cm respectively. Their geometrical analysis gives an overall mean aspect ratio (mAr) values of 1.5, that is, mean aspect ratio of 1.6 (large-sized), 1.5 (Medium-sized) and 1.5 (small-sized) with standard deviation (sd) between 0.4 - 0.6. We proposed a general deformation and morphological change of clast model in carbonate fault zone assuming elastic deformation. Fluids play a great role and they are linked with the dolomitization of the brecciated rocks.


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