In this work, the process of hydraulic fracturing in carbonate reservoirs with the horizontal wells was investigated developing a simulator by Eclipse. Therefore, the data of a carbonate reservoir were applied. The effects of different parameters on the hydraulic fracturing in the reservoir with horizontal wells were studied. An optimum point for fracture length and width in the horizontal wells was obtained based on the simulation results. This point showed an optimum fracture length and width of 70 m and 10 mm, respectively. In addition, change in the reservoir temperature during the hydraulic fracturing of the horizontal wells confirmed the optimum fracture length because the highest possible temperature was observed at 70 m of fracture length. Moreover, the simulation of total oil produced in a period of 30 years at different fracture angles showed the fracture angle has an important role during the production in horizontal wells. In this study, the maximum cumulative oil production occurred in a fracture angle of 100.


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