This paper deals with the problems of common-offset series wave field interpolation. The common-offset field is computed using kinematical weighed traces moveout to the regular CMP bin grid with the (t,x,y,l) coordinates. If a bin summarized weight is below the threshold, then it remains empty. Regularization areas contours turn out to be very rough and contain sharp spikes and dips. This may result in artifacts rising with wave field migration. Uneven contours smoothing with spikes elimination and interpolation of empty bins is necessary. The 4D interpolation is carried out in the space-time frequency domain by the Minimum Weighed Norm Interpolation (MWNI) method. For improving the interpolation quality, spectra are counted using overlapped (t,x,y) windows. The problem of contours smoothing turns out to be ambiguous due to its multifactorial criteria.


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