A drilling plan is quite important to minimize errors during drilling. Information on subsurface geological aspects will helpful in providing supporting information for drilling plan. An audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) survey has been successfully characterized the Merren valley site which is located East of Grasberg mine area, Papua, Indonesia. The AMT survey is aiming to characterize the lithological features and delineate the EESS west fault at the depth as part of wells monitoring drilling program. A total of 57 stations were collected by using Zonge equipment system with dipole 50 m, 25 m spacing between stations, and L shaped configuration. The Zonge software used to produces the 2D electrical resistivity profiles. According to the AMT survey results and comparing with known geological condition of study area shows the near surface layer interpreted as glacial till formation that characterized by a moderately resistivity response about hundreds ohm-m. Meanwhile, the deeper layer that has resistivity response about thousands ohm-m indicated as limestone rock. The EESS west fault zone (lower resistivity) indicated more steeply than fault inferred by conceptual model. The resistivity inversion model appears agree with the geological condition of Merren valley site that can be used for making decision in drilling plan program.


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