The research is located in Central Java Province, Wonogiri Regency, Karangtengah-Purwohardjo Area. The lithology unit in the research area consists of volcanic breccia units, which are intruded sequentially by the pyroxene andesite, and the dacite. The geological structure of the shear and fracture faults participates in controlling the mineralization in the research area. Based on interconnected relationships in the field, the dacite is interpreted as a mineralization-bearing intrusion. Hydrothermal alteration includes argillic and propylitic alteration. The argillic alteration zones are characterized by the presence of sericite minerals, chlorite and clay minerals, which are generally intensively formed on pyroxene andesite and dacite. The propylitic alteration zones are characterized by the presence of chlorite, epidote and calcite minerals, which are commonly found in volcanic and partly andesitic breccias. Hydothermal alteration is strongly associated with ore mineralization. The copper ore sulfide minerals are chalcopyrite, bornite with a bit of kalkosit and kovelit.

In Induced Polarization profiles the Trend value of high chargeability appears to be related to the presence of metal sulphide minerals in andesite and dacite rocks. Based on the characteristics of alteration and mineralization and from Geophysiscs interpretation, the research area is included in High Sulfidation Epithermal related to Porphiry type.


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