Java Island which is located north of the meeting between the two plates, that is The Indo-Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate have several tectonic faults, as a form of stress accommodation generated by adjacent subduction South. Tectonic fault is a local deformation zone accommodate the movement of the plates through the deep aseismic creeping as well as episodic earthquakes or creeping in more layers shallow. Several previous GPS studies in the Java Island region were conducted by focusing in a localized deformation study located around the main fault region. Information on the near-surface fault in East Java (Kendeng Zone) is the reason for obtaining geometry information and the location of the fault in the deeper zone so that this information can add data on the earthquake potential in Java for mitigation actions and spatial interests. This research is expected to produce comprehensive and more detailed information about the process of deformation of East Java’s subsurface structure from Northern to Southern region with Magnetotelurics Method (MT).


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