When diagnosing the condition of oil and gas wells are important tasks like: determining the individual flow rates for individual layers in a multilayer system, the determination of the inflow profile in the low production wells, the determination of the interval behind-the-casing motion with a quantitative evaluation of the rate of flow, etc. One of the widely used methods is the thermometry. However the informativity, the method of the thermometry when solving a problem, by definition, behind the casing flows “from above” remains quite low. In this respect promising is the method of active thermometry based on the use of artificial thermal field in the borehole thermometry, in particular, created during induction heating of the column.

The paper presents the results of theoretical, laboratory experiments and field data using the method of “active radiometry”. The main useful features are the amount of change of the temperature, direction and speed of movement is created “thermal labels”.

Analysis of the theoretical, experimental and field data shows that the prospects of a new approach in the temperature logging tool for diagnosing the state of the well and reservoir


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