The historical stage of geological development of the Earth determine the development of the formation of special genetic types on separate areas in the result of weathering of the original rocks. These eluvial soils form weathering crust.

In the Urals the eluvial soil developed almost everywhere and differ from other general types of soil in the specifics of the condition and properties.

For today, increasing trend towards construction of tall buildings in terms of growth of urban agglomerations. Engineering development of new territories has a number of problems.

One of the problems associated with ways of investigation of strength and deformation characteristics of eluvial soils, which deposit at the base of the designed buildings and determine their stability.

Another problem associated with the evaluation of the obtained reliability of the engineering-geological mining, which are used in design calculations.

This article focuses on possible ways of solving above problems by integrate is of different research methods on example of the construction site, which is located within the largest city of the Urals region - Ekaterinburg.


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