A 4D broadband assessment has been performed in a deep offshore West Africa environment using repeated dual-sensor streamer acquisitions. Three sail lines have been re-acquired only a few weeks after the original acquisition with standard 4D acquisition consideration. The study has compared the data repeatability metric NRMS along the processing sequences using, on one side, a reconstructed band limited 4D data corresponding to a single hydrophone and on the other side an extended bandwidth 4D data using the up-going wavefield only. Because the datasets have been recorded using the same acquisition, the main differences come from the bandwidth discrepancy and the variable sea-state. The 4D “Up-going on Up-going” preserves, for all processing steps, around 1% NRMS benefit against the 4D hydrophone-only. Because the NRMS comparison is biased by the dominant frequency discrepancy, the 1% gain does not fully reflect the detectability advantage of the 4D broadband. The NRMS analysis on the low frequency part has demonstrated the clear improvement on 4D broadband and a qualitative evaluation on the 4D differences has highlighted the negative effect of the sea-state on the hydrophone-only 4D results.


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