This paper is the second part of two papers presenting the new source-over-cable marine acquisition solution. It presents the actual large-scale ∼1950 km2 marine seismic acquisition as well as discusses the novel processing and imaging involved with this unique split-spread towed marine data. The acquisition setup consisted of a streamer vessel towing 14 streamers trailed by a shooting vessel in the middle of the streamer spread allowing for both positive-, zero- and negative-offsets to be recorded.

Fast track migrations along with early QC and initial demultiple results from the new source-over-cable acquisition data, indicates that the new data delivers on its promises of superior image quality. The benefits are drawn from a multitude of new aspects such as but not limited to split-spread source-over-cable acquisition, dense streamer spacing and deep towed zero- and near-offset recording of energy from the new triple wide-tow-sources with very dense shot point interval using dithered overlapping shots.


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  1. Vinje, V., Lie, J.E, Danielsen, V., Dhelie, P.E., Siliqi, R., Nilsen, C., Hicks, E., and Camerer, A.
    [2017] Shooting over the seismic spread. First Break, 35, 6, June 2017, 97–104.
    [Google Scholar]

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