We present an in-depth sensitivity study to evaluate applicability, potential and limitations of marine CSEM to monitor deep water clastic reservoirs such as Jubarte, located in the Campos Basin, offshore Brazil based on present-day acquisition, operation and data interpretation technologies.

We show that production effects and associated changes in saturation translate into changes of the reservoir’s resistivities structure over time although limited by current acquisition, practice and interpretation.

We demonstrate that a coupled constrained ‘mesh’-based inversion reliably recover reservoir production-related resistivity changes and a coupled ‘localized model’-inversion significantly improves resolution even in the presence of strong repeatibility issues, by focusing the inversion on the reservoir’s volume of interest (VOI) where the model changes caused by bottom and bottom/lateral floods occur.

We show that the ‘localized’ inversion, accounting for nonrepeatibilities issues, mitigates their effects making repeat acquisition requirements less critical.

We conclude that major technological enhancements reassessing instrument design, resolution and deployment to operational efficiency is required to trigger marine CSEM as the right cost-effective integrator to 4D seismic as demands for deep water reservoir monitoring around the world become more challenging. Meanwhile, we are driving our effort toward the development of new feasibility studies and new integrated interpretation technologies.


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