In this study, we have used Broad Ion Beam slope-cutting in combination with Scanning Electron Microscopy under cryogenic conditions (Cryo-BIB-SEM) to investigate in-situ carbonate/oil/brine interface. A carbonate rock sample was imbibed with oil and brine prior to cross-section preparation and high resolution imaging. This technique has allowed identification of the existing phases across the porous network by automated image analysis of the energy dispersive profile (EDS), distribution across the porous matrix and estimation of the 2D contact angle based on images segmentation process. Our results show that followed workflow is suitable for carbonates characterization and wettability alteration estimation as the contact angle estimation showed a smaller contact angle for the sample flooded with low salinity brine compared to the one flooded with high salinity brine. This indicates the potential of Cryo-BIB-SEM for wettability alteration estimation based on the composition of the injected brine.


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