Results of application of the new thermal core logging technique for investigations of rock from the Mendym and the Domanik formation in the Volga-Urals Basin are described. Continuous non-destructive non-contact high-resolution thermal core profiling was performed at core storage for more than 570 full size cores (total length of studied cores is about 46 meters) from a well of an oilfield in the Perm-Bashkir arch. Results of the study showed that the Mendym formation and, especially, the Domanik formation are characterized by significant heterogeneity and anisotropy. Joint analysis of thermal profiling and standard logging data allowed establishing close relationships between thermal and other physical properties of rocks. It provided possibility for determination and detalization of different rock characteristics via thermal conductivity profiles, and for allocation local lithologic irregularities at different scales. Thermal core logging results were also transformed into continuous high-resolution profiles of total organic carbon according to the developed methodology. Implementation of thermal petrophysics in routine practice significantly enriched core analysis and characterization of highly heterogeneous formations.


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