Integrated seismic reservoir characterization of carbonate rocks potentially thwarts difficulties arising from reservoir heterogeneity owed to a complex geological history. The featured interdisciplinary workflow reconciles geological, geophysical and engineering components to address reservoir complexity in terms of stratigraphic architecture coupled with a distribution of layer properties that honors flow zonation. Primarily, this workflow calls for a combination of hydraulic flow unit definition embedded in sequence stratigraphy and is further augmented by seismic attribute analysis (i.e., seismic inversion, frequency decomposition of amplitude, etc.), rock physics, and geostatistical techniques to characterize an UAE onshore oil reservoir located within a Lower Cretaceous carbonate sequence (i.e., lower member of Shu´aiba Formation; ). Using the aforementioned data, we construct an acoustic impedance model and proceed to invert the data in a deterministic and stochastic inversion. Using rock physics, we generate a probability cube of the reservoir properties distribution in a very complex carbonate setting.


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