Located in the south of Bodong Uplift, east of Bohai Bay Basin, Area Longkou 7-6 experienced complex tectonic evolution resulting in diversified fault strikes as well as fault combinations, which, accordingly, cause huge differences in accumulation conditions and target layers. Comprehensive analysis and comparison combining the 3D seismic and well data reveals that the late fault distribution in study area was the result of the oblique extension of pre-existing faults. The complex fault system with differently trended faults in Mesozoic-Paleogene was activated by the near-NS tensile stress field in Neogene. Different ratios of strike-slip over tensile stresses in differently trended faults resulted in the different migration and lateral sealing properties of the faults. Larger angles between migration-favoured faults and late tensile stress corresponded to stronger migration capacity, while smaller angles between sealing-favoured faults and the NS direction meant better sealing effects. Therefore, in the next around of exploration, based on this theory, more attention should be paid to the areas where faults have favourable migration and sealing capacities in order to optimize the exploration.


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