The glutenite reservoir is widely distributed in China and has huge potential for hydrocarbon resources exploration. However, due to the near-source sedimentation and rapid facies transition mechanism, the glutenite reservoirs have strong heterogeneity with low porosity and complex pore structures, which makes it difficult to be predicted from seismic data. In this paper, we combine the Zoeppritz-based prestack seismic inversion method with rock physics analysis of glutenite reservoirs to characterize the oil distribution. Sensitivity analysis of different fluid indicators demonstrates that Poisson’s ratio is effective to distinguish oil glutenite reservoirs from dry glutenite and shale formations. Application in Mahu slope area of Junggar basin shows that the oil glutenite reservoir prediction results are consistent with well log interpretation and production data, which verifies the effectiveness and accuracy of this method and can provide a significant guidance for the further exploration of glutenite hydrocarbon reservoirs.


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