CFD A oilfield located in the central Bohai Sea. The block is located 20 kilometers north of ShiJiuTuo uplift. It is a major oil-bearing structure in Bohai Oilfield. Acquisition footprint on seismic data of the oilfield is clear, the noise not only affects the fault imaging, but also brings certain risk to the well deployment. In this paper, the Gabor filtering technique is used to filter the post stack seismic data in this area, considering its good directivity and frequency selectivity, it can effectively extract and remove the directional noise. On the other hand, Gabor filtering on post-stack seismic data can save a great deal of time and expense for oilfield exploration and development without having to re-process the seismic data. At the same time, the fault imaging of seismic data processed by this method has been improved obviously, which provides a good technical guarantee for the deployment of the well position.


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