Application of seismic method for deep exploration in crystalline rock environment and specifically for mineral exploration has improved dramatically during past two decades. In such environment, prestack dip moveout (DMO) corrections and post stack migration are still important processing tools. Surveys with narrow-azimuth offset distribution often cause artefacts after DMO processing. In this study, we propose a method to reduce those artefacts on final seismic volumes. We illustrate our approach with 3D seismic data acquired over the Brunswick No.6 mine in Canada. Non-orthogonal acquisition geometry and patch of the Brunswick No. 6 3D survey led to narrow-azimuth DMO artefacts that reduced the overall quality of seismic volumes. By using a filtering approach based on the application of weighted Laplacian-Gaussian filter in the Kx-Ky domain, we reduced the noise and improved the continuity of reflections. Better results were obtained by limiting offsets to less than 3 km. We also imaged short and flat reflections observed previously only in the shallow part of prestack time migration (PSTM) volume. Those short reflections appears as diffractions on the filtered DMO stacked section, indicating that they originate from small geological bodies or discontinuities in the subsurface.


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