“Wintershall Norge and its PL847 partners were awarded a production license in the Vøring Basin, North of Aasta Hansteen gas Development project. The area contained the Hvitveis discovery (4-way dip closure) as well as four prospects (tilted fault blocks). All recent discoveries in the Aasta Hansteen area show flat-spots or amplitude anomalies related to hydrocarbon fill. However, in the Hvitveis discovery, the reservoir properties are generally poor which could partly explain why no flat-spot or hydrocarbon related amplitudes anomalies are observed in Hvitveis or in the four other prospects on the vintage seismic.

The initial part of the work program was therefore to re-process the available 3D Seismic to identify potential Direct hydrocarbon indicator and allow a more detailed interpretation of reservoir distribution.

The combination of improved and modern broadband re-reprocessing has provided a much improved, higher resolution seismic image enabling the observations of clear DHIs and amplitude terminations in two reservoir level. Amplitude conform to structure and the near/far angle stacks comparison show proper, consistent AVO in gas and water legs.”


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