Seismic data for hydrocarbon exploration in the Barents Sea can be difficult to interpret because of severe contamination of the sections by residual diffracted multiples. These multiples mainly result from significant scars of the sea floor produced by paleo-iceberg drifts during glacial ages. To mitigate this problem, a new marine seismic design has been developed to acquire broadband, split-spread shot gathers with significantly improved sampling of the near offsets. This design allows for improved subsurface illumination which provides sharp and detailed imaging of subsurface reflectors, including the sea floor. To optimize the demultiple in this new data, we used several multiple models in simultaneous adaption procedures, including 3D SRME models, but also 3D wave-equation based multiple modeling to fully benefit from the available rich subsurface reflectivity representation. Along with this, an innovative and specific implementation of wave equation modelling enabled the construction of diffracted multiples “only” models. These separated models were fed into a multi-model adaptive subtraction using AVO-driven primary models as a constraint to preserve primary information (especially low frequencies). The ensemble lead to improved demultiple results.


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