Marchenko redatuming can retrieve the Green’s function with a virtual receiver inside a heterogeneous medium from single-sided reflection data. It requires minimal a priori knowledge of medium properties but assumes the medium to be lossless. The dissipative Marchenko scheme can retrieve the Green’s function inside a lossy medium, which is accessible from both sides. By implementing the dissipative Marchenko scheme numerically and experimentally, we successfully redatum the full-wavefields on a 1D sound wave tube. To facilitate numerical modeling, we first quantify the medium attenuation using the nearly constant Q model. Then we model the focusing wavefields governed by the dissipative Marchenko equations as a numerical reference. Without any knowledge of the medium properties, we experimentally retrieve the desired Green’s function inside the wave tube from double-sided scattering data measurements. This is the first time that the dissipative Marchenko scheme is applied to laboratory data to physically focus a wavefield inside a dissipative medium. Our numerical and experimental implementation will contribute to characterization of medium properties accounting for ubiquitous attenuation.


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