A field demonstration test using CO2 foam for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is being implemented in a heterogeneous carbonate reservoir in the Permian Basin of Texas. CO2 as an oil recovery agent part of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) has gained recent attention due to growing concerns regarding greenhouse gas emissions. Current CO2 flood performance suffers due to an unfavorable mobility ratio between injected CO2 and reservoir fluids resulting in poor macroscopic sweep efficiency. Foam aims to mitigate the technical challenges of ongoing CO2 injection by improving macroscopic sweep efficiency and oil recovery while storing CO2. As part of a field pilot research program, this study presents project and operational design, baseline data collection program, and pilot monitoring to mitigate the technical challenges with current CO2 injection and verify foam mobility control and CO2 storage. Pilot performance is assessed with the data collection program and includes a tracer program to characterize interwell connectivity, time lapse cross well seismic to improve the reservoir characterization and monitor saturations, injection profiles and fall-off tests to determine zones of injection and injection pressure, and daily measurements of rate and pressure at various stages throughout pilot operation.


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