The Guinea Conakry margin is generally underexplored. The focus of this study is to predict and understand the regional trends and relationship of active source-rock kitchens and corresponding reservoir/seal intervals. The study utilised 2D reprocessed seismic data with increased bandwidth from 4–45Hz in the original marine survey to 3–80Hz. This enables us to produce improved imaging and understanding of the regional geology. Seismic attributes including sweetness, envelope and root-mean-square amplitude generated from the reprocessed seismic shows high amplitude reflections which indicates the presence of potential hydrocarbon accumulations. Initial modelling results indicate maturity in the lower Cretaceous source rock intervals with potential in the upper Cretaceous where sufficient burial depth has been reached. New 3D seismic acquisition would enhance imaging of sub basins and depth imaging and amplitude variation with offset (AVO) analysis will also help to reduce uncertainties in the interpretation.


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