Well-log based modelling is used to show that a simple convolutional synthetic seismigram based on shear impedance is a good approximation to a more sophisticated seismogram based on full elastic wavefield modelling or via use of the Zoeppritz equations and their approximations. The use of more sophisticated modelling gave us the confidence that the simple approach of a polarity flip of PS seismic data and a well tie to the bandlimited reflectivity from a shear impedance log was working to a satisfactory level of accuracy for our interpretational needs. An example is given from the Clair Field where the PS reflectivity to an important horizon within the reservoir is stronger than the PP reflectivity. A seismically mappable event within the reservoir package reduces volumetric uncertainty and so PS processing has been an important aid in the imaging of part of the reservoir sequence. This study has increased the confidence in the use of PS data in this part of the Clair field.


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