About 67 kt of CO2 have been injected into the deep saline formation at the Ketzin pilot CO2 storage site from June 2008 to August 2013. During the injection, 3D seismic survey has been performed and repeated to monitor the migration of sequestered CO2. The results of seismic monitoring are limited by the acquisition and signal-to-noise ratio of the data. Reservoir simulation can provide information on the CO2 fluid behavior and the approximated model should be calibrated with the monitor results. In this work, the property models are delivered from the multi-physical model at the time of 3D repeated seismic survey. Seismic data modeled based on the models are compared with the real data and the results validate the effectiveness of the multi-physical inversion method. Time-lapse analysis shows the trend of the CO2 migration during and after the injection.


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  • Published online: 01 Jun 2018
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