“Reliable predictions of pore pressure along new well trajectories are critical for safe drilling activities in order to minimise the chances of blowouts, losses, and pressure kicks. We present an integrated and efficient methodology to perform pore pressure predictions over a large area rapidly. The methodology takes into account data from different types and scales, makes use of different disciplines (e.g. geomechanics, geophysics, rock physics, and drilling data) and works within a 3D geological framework. The studies are built in such a way that traceability and repeatability of results are guaranteed, and updates are easily implemented.

The methodology has been validated using data over the Danish Sector of the North Sea and has proven to be more effective than traditional workflows where predictions are based on hypothetical logs composed by hand; splicing of logs is no longer required. By significantly reducing the time and effort required for pore pressure predictions, the method provides value for future drilling campaigns, as well as for well abandonment.”


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  1. Zhang, J.
    [2011] Pore Pressure Prediction from Well Logs, Methods, Modifications, and New Approaches, Earth-science Reviews, Vol. 108, No. 1, p. 50–63.
    [Google Scholar]

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