Sub-lacustrine fan deposit is widely developed in lower Dong-II member of Liaodong/Bozhong depression, the tension effect of the basin gradually diminished to almost disappear. The depression as a whole is in the high order background with the rate of the sediment supply rate greater than the increase rate of the capacity, under the influence of geological disturbance or its own gravity, the sedimentary sand bodies of delta front are prone to slump. In this way, it forms a horizontal independent and vertically stacked sub-lacustrine fan deposit. According to the location of the source and the ancient geomorphology, the lithology combination and the reflection configuration of the fan, it is divided into three types: inner fan, middle fan and outer fan, according to the cause of formation, it is divided into three types: high slide, low compound and distal turbidity. Forward modelling and analogy analysis results: “vermicular” deposit of the first slope, is rich sand type channel systems deposition. In the second slope, the short axis imbricate reflection is the middle fan, compare to rich sand. The distal of the fan is near the horizontal reflection, rich mud.


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