Block 16 is located on the Oriente basin in Ecuador and it is operated by Repsol Ecuador since 1994. This is a mature field, producing heavy crude oil (12.5–16.5 API), mainly from the Cretaceous reservoir M1. This operation has some limitations that need to be overcome in order to achieve sustainability over time. These limitations are: high fluid production, high water cuts, low oil production, energy availability, and, sand production that affects wells and also accumulates on facilities.

This paper presents the strategy that Repsol Ecuador followed to assess an energy inefficient well which lost production due to interference with adjacent wells on Ginta field. An intervention plan was designed to optimize production of this field by shutting in one well, installing sand control in another and reactivating an additional well during Q4 2017. This strategy is part of an in-house rethinking process of reservoir management and well surveillance that increased oil production by 400 bopd on assessed wells and reduced energy consumption of ESP motors on 240 HP.

On mature fields, every drop of oil counts. Every barrel of oil that is not produced today, will lose value for tomorrow.


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