The area of research is located in western part of Drava Depression (Croatian part of Pannonian Basin System -CPBS). The aim of this research was to delineate and map stratigraphy of possible reservoir rocks and to confirm existing sedimentological model in a new possible play — Middle Miocene delta deposits. Spectral Decomposition (SD) analysis was used on reprocessed 3D reflection seismic volume as a tool for mapping the extent and stratigraphy of potential reservoirs. The application of Spectral Decomposition gave new insights into deposition and spreading of channel-lobe systems compared to previous works made only with coherence and amplitude attributes at this area. Detailed interpretation at separate levels enabled separation of 6 different generations. Each generation represents one relative geochronological event defined by different sediment input direction, geometry and character of channel stacking. Stratigraphic traps are proposed in the delta distributary channels and lobes. SD enabled the prediction of channels and lobes of more favorable collector properties, direction of sediment input and delineation of stratigraphic traps. Similar Middle Miocene delta sandstone reservoirs are known as economically important in other parts of Pannonian Basin System, but still not proven as effective play in Croatian part of Pannonian Basin System.


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