Since the permeability and porosity of shale gas reservoirs are fairly low in general, often fracturing is needed during production. Micro-seismic wave, generated by underground rock rupture, is commonly used to monitor real-time location, the size and the complexity of cracks generated during fracturing. Water injection, during fracturing, can lead to the increase of pore pressure at the injection well and pressure diffusion. In this paper, we focus on micro-seismic wave propagation with the effect of pore pressure during fracturing, and improve accuracy of the diffusion simulation of pore pressure in the anisotropic fracture media. The variation of the central frequency represents the seismic attenuation. The simulation results show that pore pressure causes significant seismic attenuation. Seismic attenuation is increased with the prolongation of the injection time. In the presentation, we will report more analysis of the variation of attenuation with injection pressure.


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