“The Central Adriatic and its adjacent onshore area has been a target of great interest for hydrocarbon exploration since the past century as its structural, stratigraphic and geodynamic evolution created a prolific combination of exploration targets. The wide occurrence of oils is indeed a clear proof of an active petroleum system.

The geological and modelling work allowed us to better understand and geologically correlate the known hydrocarbon occurrences with a likely base case for source rock types, distribution and for a hydrocarbon migration model. In particular the 2D modelling approach resulted in a very flexible tool to test various scenarios and to optimise the geological base case, giving us the opportunity to understand the contribution of several geological factors, such as later facies changes, fracturing, fault behaviour, evaporites thickness, etc. Moreover, our results can be useful as basis for future evaluation of the residual untested oil potential in this mature area, that include the Central Adriatic Sea and the adjoining on-shore Pescara Basin (Central Italy).”


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