The effect of supercritical CO2 injection on the bulk modulus of carbonate rock formation is demonstrated with the Gassmann model, as function of CO2 concentration at different pore pressures. The bulk modulus of dry carbonate rock frame (no fluid filling pore space) was experimentally measured using speed of sound in 120 rock samples of different porosity, and the bulk modulus of carbonate mineral matrix was determined from mineralogy analysis of the same samples using the thin-section technique. The modulus of elasticity of supercritical CO2 + liquid hydrocarbon (decane) was determined from experimental measurements of density of the mixture at temperatures up to 410 K and pressures up to 77 MPa, for the whole range of CO2 concentration from S(CO2)= 0 to 1. A modification for Geertsma correlation to calculate bulk modulus of rock frame as function of porosity is also reported based on experimental velocity measurements for carbonate rock samples.


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