The outer Møre and Vøring basins offshore mid-Norway are vast underexplored areas. By integrating interpretation of new seismic 3D data, as well as regional 2D, 2Dcubed, and potential field data, we identify new targets for future hydrocarbon exploration. Here we present an integrated interpretation of the crustal structure across the Møre Basin indicating that the Cretaceous infill of the basin thins towards the western margin. The thinning of upper Cretaceous sequences suggests that lower Cretaceous and Jurassic plays could be viable in the western parts of the basins. Imaging of the outer margin is complicated by the presence of Paleogene volcanic complexes. However, well-defined sub-basalt reflections are interpreted as shallow lower Cretaceous and Jurassic strata within the newly defined Kolga High. This structure has a four-way closure of about 90 km2. As of yet, no such plays have not been proven by drilling, nonetheless West of Shetland sub-basalt drilling has locally proven successful (e.g., Rosebank). Seafloor sampling along the outer Vøring Margin and on the Jan Mayen microcontinent further corroborates the interpretation of shallow Mesozoic rocks below the marginal highs.


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