Marchenko redatuming is a novel scheme used to retrieve up- and down-going Green’s functions in an unknown medium.

Marchenko equations are based on reciprocity theorems and are derived on the assumption of the existence of so called focusing functions, i.e. functions which exhibit time-space focusing properties once injected in the subsurface. In contrast to interferometry but similarly to standard migration methods, Marchenko redatuming only requires an estimate of the direct wave from the virtual source (or to the virtual receiver), illumination from only one side of the medium, and no physical sources (or receivers) inside the medium.

In this contribution we consider a different time-focusing condition within the frame of Marchenko redatuming and show how this can lead to the retrieval of virtual plane-wave-responses, thus allowing multiple-free imaging using only a 1 dimensional sampling of the targeted model. The potential of the new method is demonstrated on a 2D synthetic model.


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