A 3D temperature distribution beneath the Trøndelag Platform, the Møre and Vøring basins of the Mid-Norwegian continental margin and adjacent areas of the continent has been obtained based on the recently constructed lithosphere-scale 3D structural model of the studied region. There is a clear correlation the between the major tectonic elements of the continental margin and the modelled temperatures, showing an increase of the calculated temperatures from the continental lithospheric domain towards the oceanic one. The modelled temperature is highest within the Vøring Basin where a thermal insulation of the sedimentary cover increases the heat storage within the areas where low thermally conductive sedimentary rocks are relatively thickest. The Møre Basin is represented by lower temperatures compared to the Vøring Basin where the sedimentary cover is the thickest one. The Trøndelag Platform is characterized by even lower modelled temperatures, reflecting a fact that this area was less affected by crustal thinning and has thinner sedimentary infill. The modelled temperatures are representative for the subsurface regional-scale 3D conductive thermal field and show a general good fit with the temperatures measured in the available wells.


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