The present gravitational exogenous processes occurring on the hill slopes with different genesis and morphology, have the most considerable impact on the infrastructure objects. The landslide processes of the Middle Dnieper area are differentiated as to the factors of their formation and structure of landslide bodies due to varying lithology, stratigraphy, tectonics and hydrogeological conditions. The landslides within this region are examples of structural landslides, generated in a quasi homogeneous environment with multilayered deposits. A database of landslides propagation in Kiev district is developed and major factors for their formation are determined. Principal approaches to the local modelling of landslide hazards are designed. The most efficient method of local forecasting of landslides is determination of the stress-strain state of rock mass with regard to the choice of spatial models, taking into account factors and enabling to proceed from the specifics of the object of research. Detecting landslides, as well as monitoring their activity using integrated techniques carried out in order to provide maps, risk assessment and forecasting of landslide events in Middle-Dnieper area of Ukraine.


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