Petroleum geomechanical modeling is a process of determining mechanical properties of a rock and its reactions to impacts during development of an oil field. When constructing a geomechanical model of an object, the initial stage is building of a structural model of the geological environment. One of the main elements of this model is a skeleton of fault tectonics. Ordered fracturing as an element of the skeleton is manifested itself by the anisotropic properties of seismic wave fields. In this article, we will consider the possibilities of studying the anisotropy of the geological environment in connection with the construction of a geomechanical model based on using amplitude information of reflected waves. The feasibility study of using azimuth attributive analysis of seismic data at selected research facilities located in the southeast of Tatarstan will be performed. In these studies, as a tool, we used a full wave modeling Tesseral software.


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