We present a new monitoring concept for more effective and safer drilling operations. The underlaying concept is to monitor the drilling operation with a network of seismic sensors on the seafloor listening to acoustic signals emitted from the subsurface. The acoustic subsurface sources used for the analysis include both microseismic sources and acoustic energy emitted from the drill bit. The system developed allows for real-time processing and visualization of the results passing on demand information for decision support during operation. The analysis of microseismicity around the well provides location of fracturing caused by the drilling operation, allowing for mitigation actions of unwanted well integrity events. Acoustic positioning of the drill bit eliminates the time-depth uncertainty introduced when drilling for subsurface targets since both the drill target and the drill bit position is acquired in the acoustic domain from seismic data. In a more elaborate application, the signal from the drill bit is used as a source to image formation boundaries ahead of the drill bit. Furthermore this data is used to identify interval velocity and pore pressure in the formations.


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