Control-volume distributed multi-point flux approximation (CVD-MPFA) coupled with single-phase reduceddimensional discrete fracture models [1], are extended to two-phase flow, including gravity and capillary pressure.

Both continuous and discontinuous fracture models are considered coupled with higher resolution methods, leading to novel finite-volume schemes for flow in subsurface fractured porous media on unstructured grids. Performance comparisons are presented for tracer and two-phase flow problems on a number of 2D fractured media test cases including hybrid gravity and capillary pressure effects on unstructured meshes.

[1] R. Ahmed, M.G. Edwards, S. Lamine, B.A.H. Huisman and M. Pal

“Control Volume Distributed Multi-Point Flux Approximation coupled with a lower-dimensional fracture model” J. Comput. Phys vol 284 pp 462–489 March 2015


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